Rescue Courses

Vehicle Extrication Awareness

This 3 hour extrication class is designed as an introduction to Vehicle Extrication.  The intended audience include This course is intended for firefighters and emergency medical technicians who desire or need entry‑level skills in this subject. This class is primarily a classroom environment, with limited hands on learning.

Topics covered include physical entrapment vs medical entrapment, SRS systems, apparatus placement, scene hazards, basic stabilization, appropriate PPE, DOT requirements, hazard mitigation, and packaging an injured person.

Vehicle Extrication Operations

PURPOSE: This 18‑hour basic course will provide the student with the knowledge and practical skills for safe extrication operations at a motor vehicle accident. Upon completion, the student will be prepared to function as a member of a supervised team at the emergency scene.
CONTENT: Lessons will include: safety; what to do on final approach to the scene; proper positioning of apparatus; staging of tools and personnel; inner and outer circle size‑up; anatomy of automotive bodies; proper terminology; how to function within an incident management system; various methods of lifting and stabilization of vehicles; use of hand tools, air lift bags, various saws and jacks; and hydraulic rescue tools (spreader, ram, and cutter). The student will be familiarized with victim “packaging” and removal.

The sessions emphasize flexibility in the use of tools and equipment, and teach more than one way to do a job whenever possible.

CLOTHING REQUIREMENTS: Full protective clothing that meets OSHA and PEOSHA requirements shall be required for the practical session.

PREREQUISITES: Firefighter I or Emergency Medical Technician certification