ICS – 400

ICS-400 – Advanced Incident Command System

This course expands upon the material covered in ICS 100 through ICS 300.  ICS 400 focuses on large single-agency and complex multi-agency/multi-jurisdictional incident response.  The course addresses area command and staff issues, as well as the planning, logistical and fiscal considerations associated with complex incident management and interagency coordination.
ICS 100, ICS 200, and ICS 300 are prerequisites to the ICS-400 course.
Course Objectives

Describe how the NIMS Command and Management component supports the management of expanding incidents.  Describe the incident/event management process for large-scale organization development; roles and relationships of the primary staff; the planning, operational, logistical and fiscal considerations related to large and complex incident/event management.  Implement the application of Area Command and the importance of interagency coordination on complex incidents/events.

Working in a classroom environment, our instructors with hands-on, real-world incident command experience will offer facilitated discussions in:

  • ICS Fundamentals Review for Command and General Staff
  • Major and/or Complex Incident/Event Management
  • Area Command
  • Multi-Agency Coordination

All federal, state, local, tribal, private sector and non-governmental personnel should take ICS 400, including: Command and general staff, agency administrators, department heads, emergency managers, areas commander and Multi-Agency Coordination System/Emergency Operations Center managers.

NIMS Compliance

This course is NIMS compliant and meets the NIMS Baseline Training requirements for ICS-400.

Length of Course

Approximately 12-16 Hours
CEU Information

NJ EMT: 16 Elective Hours